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Icon Audio MB 805 (pareja)

Etapas de potencia monofónicas a válvulas 

8.350,00 € (impuestos inc.)
Entrega 24/48H
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50 Watts of beautiful sound

Designed in Leicester by David Shaw, founder of Icon Audio.

The 805 valve is very special and is capable of making golden sublime music.

But this requires the best driving circuit and power supply.

We have used all experience to create the MB805 amplifier which gets the very best out of this valve.

A sister valve to the RCA 845, the 805 is capable of greater power output, but is extremely demanding of the driver stage.

That is why we have used no less than 4 6SN7s and 2A3 power valve to do this.

For some people only a large triode valve like the 805 can give the golden warm tone which is so pleasing, with its feeling of air and space and sense of realism.

But many 805 amplifiers are low powered.

Our MB805 is designed to deliver 50 watts.

More than enough play large orchestral works and modern music.

Specifications and Features Comprehensive manual incuded Improved 4x 6SN7 high current driver circuit Class A, all Triode front end Choke loaded 2A3 1x 805 triode Choke regulated power supply All hand wired point to point No printed circuit board to colour sound Output Watts of Pure Class A Signal to noise level -90db Hum and noise 0.
5mv (low sensitivity)* Frequency response 20 20 kHz -1db LDT Low distortion

Tertiary winding transformers THD typically less than 0.
1% @ 1w.

3% @ 8w (1kHz) 4 & 8 ohm loudspeaker taps Japanese special long grain iron and low oxygen copper Attractive valve cover included in the price Jensen Copper foil coupling capacitors Silver PTFE audio cable Gold plated Input & speaker terminals 220/240volts (115 v adjustable) Size in cm W24, D57, H28 mm ( inc cover), 36kg each(Allow space for connections and ventilation)

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