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Magnepan Magneplanar .7 (pie en forma de L)

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The .
7 High-End Audio where space is at a premium We heard you The 1.
7 is too big for my small room.
So, we down-sized the 1.
7 and called it the .
7 .

It was that simple.

Most all of what you read about the 1.
7 applies to the .

Ok, not everything.

Because the .
7 has a smaller bass diaphragm, it has less bite on the air.
Consequently, the bass will be less than the 1.
7 if you wish to use it in a larger room.

However, the DWM Bass Panel can be used to supplement the bass.

The .
7 offers full-range, quasi-ribbon technology at a price that some audiophiles spend for speaker cables.

Value is what Magneplanars are all about.

The .
7 has an optional oval base as shown below for modern decors.

For those that have followed the i upgrades of the 3.
7 and 1.
7, the improvements of the 3.
7i and 1.
7i were incorporated into the .

The .
7 was subjected to blind testing by a panel of audiophiles and casual listeners.

In addition to better sound, there is one more important improvement that you can test for yourself.

If you have the opportunity to hear the .
7s at your local dealer, try this experiment---Ask the dealer to place the speakers with the tweeters on the outside.

Note how the imaging remains remarkably stable when seated far off-axis.

With some speakers it is necessary to sit in the sweet spot for good imaging.

If you are too far out of the sweet spot, you will hear predominately one speaker.

With the tweeters on the outside, the .
7 has the widest sweet spot of any of any previous Maggies.

If you prefer to sit only in the sweet spot, try the tweeters on the inside.

Be sure the speakers are toed-in.

In all cases, the tweeter should not be closer to the listener than the bass section.
 Trim options- (Wood) Natural or black solid oak, dark cherry.

(Aluminum) Silver or black.

Fabric options- Off-white, black and dark grey.

Prices vary depending upon trim and fabric combinations.
7 Description2-Way/Quasi Ribbon Freq.


45-22kHz ±3d

BSensitivity 86d

B/500Hz /2.

Impedance 4 Dimensions 15 w x 54 H x 1 D inches

Available in silver and black aluminum trim, cherry, natural or black hardwood trim, off-white, black or grey fabric.
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