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Icon Audio Passive Preamp Remote

Icon Audio Passive Preamp Remote

Previo pasivo.

4 entradas + tape monitor.

Potenciómetro ALPS Blue Velvet.

Mando a distancia.

Envío gratis

765,00 € (impuestos inc.)
Entrega 24/48H
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Icon Audio Passive Remote control

Do you need more inputs, volume control and remote control If you need any of these the Icon Passive, or Passive R could help.

Our passive preamplifier is ideal for use with most power amplifiers.

Most CD/DVD, tubers etc already have enough voltage.

Its beauty is that it has no distortion or noise, therefore does not colour the sound, and the price is very affordable.

This is the only way to hear the true sound of your power amplifier, with nothing added.

The Passive is very versatile and can also be used purely as a selector box with the volume on full.

Or by providing a monitoring circuit for your recording equipment as well as additional inputs.

It is a very useful addition to any hi fi system.

As a general guide it may be used with any power amp or mono blocks with 1v sensitivity or greater.

This includes the QUAD 303 and all of the Leak valveamplifiers.

Exactly the same as the Passive , the Passive R offers exactly the same specification but with the benefit of remote control volume.

This will allow the user to obtain the precise level of sound in his armchair and adjust for differences found in different tracks of your recording.

We have used the same high quality ALPs Blue pot that is in our other remote control amplifiers.

The power comes from a supplied low voltage wall adaptor.

Specifications and Features Solid anodised alloy and steel construction.

Audiophile Silver Teflon cable used throughout All hand wired point to point

No printed circuit board to colour sound

ALPS Blue velvet volume pot.

All gold plated high quality terminals

High quality selector switch 4 inputs

Tape monitor circuit Buffered tape output

Signal to noise level unmeasurable

Freq response perfect

Total harmonic distortion none Dark grey metal flake paint finish C E compliant

W20mm, D26, H70, 350g (remember to allow space for connections)

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