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In-akustik Tea & Tones

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ARTIST:A Tasty Sound CollectionTITLE:Tea & TonesTYPE:CDORDER NO.:0167962RELEASE DATE:04.12.2009LABEL:inakustikGENRE:Pop/Rock Listening to music and drinking tea: Tea stimulates, refreshes and strengthens, but most of all, tea also relaxes. Nothing better than waiting and drinking tea. It?s time to wind down. From the stress of everyday life. From the stress at work. Even better if combined with the right music.And that is exactly what this compilation of wonderfully relaxing sounds aims to achieve.Music for letting your soul dance on air. With pieces from artists like Friedemann or David Russell . Either way, all of these pieces have been selected just for you, and all those who are enjoying tea with you.In the booklet you?ll find interesting facts and backround knowledge on the history and tradition of tea, how to create your own tea ceremony and some special recipes.
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