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In-akustik Die Stereo Hörtest Edition III

LP de Vinilo audióphilo + Blu-ray Audio + SACD + DVD-ROMORDER.

Como siempre ocurre en todos los formatos de sonido, STEREO Hörtest-Edition, Vol.III ofrece un disfrute musical y sonoro puro y, lo que es más, este es el medio ideal para comparar dispositivos de reproducción y formatos digitales.

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TITLE:Die Stereo Hörtest Edition III

TYPE: LP + Blu-ray Audio + SACD + DVD-ROMORDER




STEREO Hörtest-Edition, Volume III is the result of a collaboration between the STEREO editorial team and in-akustik GmbH & Co. KG.

All production processes are executed with the utmost care to provide a maximum musical enjoyment.

STEREO Hörtest-Edition, Volume III presents to music lovers and sound aficionados alike a range of excellent recordings from the Chesky Records repertoire in a variety of audio formats.

The 180 gram LP fulfils the highest demands in terms of cutting and pressing while at the same time reflecting the quality of the record player itself.

The same applies to the hybrid SACD in conjunction with CD and SACD players.

The DVD-ROM contains audio files of all tracks in a range of audio resolutions, all the way up to the 24-bit Chesky production masters at a sampling rate of 192 kilohertz.

These files are read by your computer and (with the use of a USB device, for example) can be either played back directly or streamed into your sound system via your home network.

In addition to this premium high-bit-rate standard, there are also a number of smaller-sized formats provided, for the purposes of sound comparisons or for streamers and D/A converters that don't quite reach the same heights.

Because Blu-ray players are now extremely popular and widely used for enjoying music, a Blu-ray audio disc is provided to round off the new edition of the package.

The disc can be played directly at the highest quality, either by using the player's analogue output or via a connected AV amplifier which receives the digital signal through a HDMI connection or other connection type.

Upon being connected to a PC, network-compatible devices provide access to music files ranging from high-bit-rate quality to MP3.

As is always the case across all sound formats, STEREO Hörtest-Edition, Vol.III offers pure musical and sonic enjoyment  and what's more, this is the ideal means of comparing playback devices and digital formats.

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