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Theta Digital Generation VIII Series 3

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Master of the Art and CraftThe Generation VIII Series 3 delivers the most accurate, defined, natural sound that digital technology offers. It represents over twenty years of Theta Digital's tireless research and development in D / A converter design, and achieves the highest levels of sonic performance possible in a product category that Theta pioneered: the external DAC.The G8S3 is a full differential, true balanced DAC preamp featuring custom-designed software-programmable digital filters feeding into two digital-to-analog converters per channel, one for each phase angle.Here are some highlights:24 bit / 192 KHz digital to analog converterUp to 132 dB dynamic range (a 15 dB improvement over the original Generation VIII)Over 3X differential output currentStop-band attenuation of 130 dB (a 48 dB improvement over the original Generation VIII)Pass-band ripple
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