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Velox by Metra EHV-XD

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ACTIVE TARGA 1 MODULE ULTRA HD CABLES HIGH SPEED 18.00 Gb/Seg. Introducing the new VELOX UHD cables, designed specifically for 18Gbps high bandwidth applications.Features and Benefits:? Designed with new and improved active cable electronics? Able to sustain 6Gbps per video channel throughout? Supports all HDMI® Rev 2.0a, 4K and HDR features including Deep Color? 100% QC for each manufactured cable assembly? Uses more than 1200 equalized program settings for each cable? Individually programmed providing predictable and consistent output? Provides Intra-Pair Skew Correction on 6 TMDS lanes? Incorporates a new state of the art Rise Time Accelerator for HDCP and EDID? Assembled in the U.S.A.Details VELOX UHD cables, the first-to-market cable line to combine evolutionary design and engineering techniques to support the new generation of HD, Ultra-HD and 4K video applications up to 15 meters.Leveraging the new patent-pending Targa 1 Module developed by In-Visions Technology, Inc.,Assembled right here in the USA, VELOX UHD cables deliver a verified 18 Gb/s HD signal for higher resolutions, frame rates and colors over HD digital interconnects.VELOX UHD cables OPERATE WITH THE ENTIRE 18Gbps envelope and are DPL Laboratories certified.These cables also include Metra Home Theater Group's unique interchangeable color-coding scheme for cable identification and management.VELOX UHD cables incorporate an innovative new version of a symmetrical HDCP and EDID rise time accelerator for both the data and clock lines on the I2C bus (the Display Data Channel).This eliminates EDID errors and, because this repair is bidirectional, ensures that the HDCP handshaking occurs reliably.Guaranteeing signal integrity and synchronization, the VELOX UHD cables incorporate clock amplification and intra-pair skew correction for delivering the latest video and audio formats reliably.Additionally, a 100-millisecond delay on the Hot Plug Detect signal assures that the HDMI source device receives the EDID information correctly from the sink.In addition, each cable comes with 6 sets of color coded, inter-changeable nubs making cable management a snap!Additional Information10.2 Gbps Yes18.0 Gbps Yes4K/60, 4:2:0 Yes4K/60, 4:4:4 YesEthernet YesHDR YesDPL Certified Yes Assembled in America Yes
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