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Aktyna SCM Cortex Master Reference XLR

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Aktyna Interconnect SCM Cortex Master XLRThis is the ultra high-end version of the Aktyna 'Reference' cable.An interlink is intended for an inconspicuously good connection between different components in your set.Why is ?inconspicuous? a good thing?Because using a connection cable should always be seen as a necessary evil, thus if the interlink works inconspicuously it should be seen as a compliment.The Aktyna Cortex XLR Master is such a cable.Once connected you?ll immediately notice this cable passes the audio signal while retaining all the musical qualities of your favourite artists.And by doing so it contributes to the musicality of the entire audio installation.The designer of this cable, Panayotis Gioulos, puts it this way: ?I try to find different ways, try to find new perspectives, not to think in the fixed pattern of isolation and conductors. Take for example the human body, a perfect conduction of electrical signals from the brain. Where are the copper or silver conductors there? Where is the perfect isolation material??In our opinion an interesting ?out of the box? approach, looking for different ways of making a technical design more perfect.The interlink looks great, with carbon high-end connectors.The power of this ?Master? is the musicality and true sound.A superior cable design inspired by the organic examples of nature, with the use of the most modern techniques.Every cable is made entirely by hand.Aktyna XLR master Specifications Aktyna SCM Cortex Master Interlink XLR.The conductors are made from extruded tellurium copper which is doped in 0.8% of gold during the process.This gold inclusion is done to reduce the crystal oxidation and allow for more flexibility.Of course this precaution ensures a high conductivity, for a long lasting usage.After extrusion the conductors undergo eight cryogenic treatments.Each cryogenic process progresses from the last one and can take up to 50 hours.Then the conductors are enamelled with a proprietary varnish for EMI/RFI rejection before the next step: the mechanical organization and geometry of the conductors to generate the ?magneto supra? conductive effect.Additional elements are added to control the resonance phenomena, memory and microphonic effects.Each conductor is then insulated with silk and cotton, before they are included in a protective shaft.Finally all the elements are jacketed to the last cotton sheath.Some of the conductors are shielded with aluminum foil, according to their application.The welding composition is 93% tin, 6% silver and 1% copper.Each cable is 100% hand-made, with love and with care.Each cable also comes with a lifelong Aktyna guarantee.
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