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Icon Audio Stereo 845 PURO TRIODO

Amplificador integrado a válvulas con condensadores Jensen & Solen.

8.315,00 € (impuestos inc.)
Entrega 24/48H
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Our new flagship integrated amplifier.

Designed to get the best out of the fabulous 845.

Ideal for someone wanting the ultimate in luxurious warm sound.

You could say that this amplifier has been twelve years in the making as we have used all our experience and expertise to design and manufacture this remarkable amplifier.

Everything possible has been done to allow this superb valve to work its magic.

Forty watts is ample power to obtain a high volume in most situations.

This means that all of the components and valves are generously rated to give the ST845 its enviable sonic signature.

And still comfortably get everything in one chassis.
 The importance of Push Pull.
 Many exotic SE designs are criticised for their distortion and bass performance.

A glance at the ST845 figures shows real bass power at low distortion is possible! You wont be disappointed.

The sound quality: tested on a wide range of loudspeakers the ST845 offers a very unbiased interpretation of music that only valves can do.

This is partly due to the absence of monitoring and control circuits, surprising simplicity, very little feedback, lots of pure copper and heat!You can expect a more three dimensional sound stage.

Imaging is more precise.

The texture of each instrument is more apparent.
 The Ultimate Pure Triode PP Integrated Amplifier! Probably the worlds first.

Following our very successful MB845 100w mono blocks, we realised that there are many people who just love the sublime quality of the 845 valves but do not need high power or have the space needed for two large mono blocks and a pre-amp.

Surprisingly 100w to 40w is only 3.
9db lower in sound output, so the ST845 is an excellent relatively small one box package.

Specifications and Features

Pure Class A, Triode front end

Pure Triode 845 push pull output Stage

All hand wired point to point

Remote control volume

May also be used as a power amplifier

Comprehensive manual supplied

Built in Easy Bias Meter

ALPS Japanese volume pot.
4x 845 precisely matched2x 6SL7 first stage valves2x 6SN7 output driver valves1x GZ34 driver stage rectifier

Max output one channel 41w 8 1% THD*38+38w 8 both ch driven 0.
5% THD*THD 8w 0.

1w 0.
09%Max output into 4 32w (11.
3v)Max output into 16 39w (25v)Signal to noise level -93db

Channel balance better than 0.

BDamping factor of 14Freq response 10hz-20kHz -0dB (41kHz 0.
1db) 8w

Freq response 20Hz-20kHz 0.
25dB (40kHz -1d

B) 38w

Suitable loudspeakers 4 to 16 *Low Distortion Tertiary wound output transformers

Transformers potted to reduce noise

Solen/SCR Hi Fi quality audio capacitors

Jensen copper foil on request

Silver plated pure copper PTFE audio cable

Gold plated Input & speaker terminals

Attractive Plexiglas cover supplied

Four line inputs

Record loop300mv sensitivity.
(high) for full output950mv sensitivity (low) for full output220/240/115 volts 220watts typical, 500w max

C E.

FCC ROHS44W, 40D, 24H (28H with cover), 35kg

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