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Performance Y-SW Subwoofer

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Performance Y-SW Subwoofer

65,00 €
Performance Y-SW Subwoofer

The QED Performance Y-SW Subwoofer Splitter is designed to split the subwoofer signal into 2 channels.

This superb subwoofer 'Y' adapter consists of a high quality single phono socket to dual phono plugs.

Designed for use with active sub-woofers that require both left and right channels connected for best performance.

The 150mm flexible cable links allow ease of connection to the sub-woofer’s phono sockets, almost regardless of spacing.

99.999% OFC conductors and Gold-plated onnectors are utilised to ensure superb signal transfer.

This unit has been specifically designed to ensure accurate signal transfer through the use of the highest quality materials.

A combination of dual tightly woven braids and aluminium mylar foil offers a very high level of screening when compared to normal line level interconnects which is vital in ensuring that AC mains hum is absent from the delicate signal.

For best results use with QED sub-woofer cables.

QED Performance Y-SW Subwoofer Splitter connects your Amplifier or AV Amplifier to your Subwoofer.

FEATURES QED Performance Y-SW Subwoofer Splitter 1 x female phono to 2 x male phono plugs Length 0.15 Metres. 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors Oxygen free conductors provide a low resistance signal path and will stand the test of time to provide you with the QED experience for life. Dual electrostatic shielding Protects delicate signals against interference from external high voltages. The shield should ideally be connected at the source end, hence the directionality arrows printed on the cable jacket Quasi-balanced twisted pair geometry Brings superior noise immunity to unbalanced audio connections by using a twisted pair for the signal and return paths thus introducing a level of common mode noise rejection not present in conventional cables. 24k gold plated RCA connectors,Gold is used because it will not tarnish thus providing a long lasting low contact resistance connection. Lifetime Warranty.


Conductor Section (mm2) 4 x 0.21 Conductor Material 99.999% OFC Screening Material Mylar + Double 99.999% OFC Braid Conductor Dielectric Foamed Low Density Polyethylene Loop Resistance (Ohm/m) 0.083 Parallel Capacitance (pF/m) 128 Loop Inductance (µH/m) 0.32 Dissipation Factor (@10Khz) 0.0014 Overall Size (mm) 260 x 30 Finish Black

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