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Performance Optical Graphite (Toslink-Mini Toslink)

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Performance Optical Graphite (Toslink-Mini Toslink)

Performance Optical Graphite (Toslink-Mini Toslink)

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QED Performance Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable is a reference all-purpose optical digital interconnect, ideal for use between a CD transport and DAC or in high quality audio visual applications that include DVD or Laser Disc players.

It is compatible with TOSLINK™ optical input and output sockets.

QED's no-compromise design and build process demands a medical grade fibre optic core polished at both ends for maximum light signal transfer.

This is shrouded with a durable, flexible metallic graphite-grey PVC jacket which protects the fibre optic core from damage.

QED Performance utilises precision moulded plugs with spring-loaded tips and zinc-plated barrels.

These features improve optical alignment and optimise the accurate transfer of digital pulses.

The result is higher resolution, sharper focus and amazing music.

The QED Performance Digital Optical Audio Cable connects your DVD player, CD player or Minidisc to your Amplifier for high performance digital sound.

Features: QED Performance Toslink to Mini Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable.

Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) core of 500m Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) acrylic glass surrounded by a fluorinated polymer as cladding material A flexible padding material is added of 2.2mm diameter

Polyethylene and an extruded PVC jacket 8mm diameter with pearlescent finish completes the assembly Attenuation <0.15dB/m (650nm), Numerical Aperture 0.5, Angle of Incidence 60, minimum bend radius 9mm Lifetime Warranty

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