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SCM Pulsar Digital BNC o RCA

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CABLES - Cables Digitales

SCM Pulsar Digital BNC o RCA

SCM Pulsar Digital BNC o RCA

1,00 METROS : 790,00 €
1,50 METROS : 890,00 €
2,00 METROS : 995,00 €

An interlink is intended for an inconspicuously good connection between different components in your set.

Why is ‘inconspicuous’ a good thing? Because using digital connection cables should always be avoided.

The digital interlink is usually the weakest link, it should be seen as a compliment if it works inconspicuously.

The Aktyna Pulsar Reference is such a cable.

Are there any audible differences when using a digital interlink? Yes

Mainly in the calmness of the presentation and the ability to naturally bring out the tiny nuances in the music.

This top notch Aktyna cable has a very precise resistance of 75 Ohm, exceptionally well isolated qualities and special conductors that contribute to incredible low jitter values and minimal data corruption.

Less jitter prevents lag and smearing of the sound.

The human ear is incredibly sensitive to differences in time.

Even a micro second difference can be observed and cause an interruption in the optimal music experience.

The name ‘Reference’ hasn’t been chosen arbitrarily! The quality is exceptional.

This cable is used in our reception room to connect the cd player to a high quality dac, with beautiful results.

The designer of this cable, Panayotis Gioulos, puts it this way: “I try to find different ways, try to find new perspectives, not to think in the fixed pattern of isolation and conductors. Take for example the human body, a perfect conduction of electrical signals from the brain. Where are the copper or silver conductors there? Where is the perfect isolation material?”

In our opinion an interesting ‘out of the box’ approach, looking for different ways of making a technical design more perfect.

The interlink looks simple, no pretence.

The power is the musicality.

Every cable is made entirely by hand.


- RCA - Resonance & vibration control

- Standard one metre long

- Type: coax - Extruded Tellurium copper

- Twin Vortex Induction - 0.5% Gold doped conductors

- Cryogenic treatment

- Double cotton insulation

- Ultra flexible materials

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