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The Oasis 7

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CABLES - Cables de interconexión

The Oasis 7

The Oasis 7

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Some may say that nothing could be easier than just getting an audio signal from one place to another; No amplification, no conversion of sound into electrical energy or vice versa. In fact, every cable must transfer a complex multi-octave signal without changing any of the information carried in that signal. Unfortunately, all audio cables act as filters that remove portions of the signal. WireWorld Series 6 interconnects are engineered to lose less than others, producing higher definition and greater musical enjoyment. The Series 6 interconnects are unique new cables that provide the most lifelike sound quality available. Oasis 6 is the least expensive cable that utilizes WireWorld’s superior DNA™ cable design and Silver Tube™ plugs to dramatically improve the definition and dynamics of popularly-priced AV systems. Features: Wireworld The Oasis 6, 2 RCA to 2 RCA Audio Cable 3m Silver-clad OFC Copper Conductors 10 AWG (4.6mm2) cable Low inductance flat conductor design provides higher fidelity than conventional cables Flat conductors are stacked and twisted together inside round PVC jackets. Developed through objective perceptual testing, The flat design minimizes inductive losses to produce dramatic improvements in clarity, dynamics and spatial effects Sequential length markings, making them ideal for the installation professional Lifetime Warranty. Specification Construction: DNA™ Helix Conductor type: Oxygen-free copper Insulation: Composite Dielectric Technology™ Plug contacts: Silver-clad oxygen-free copper Connectors: Silver Tube™
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