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Performace Audio 40

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Performace Audio 40

Performace Audio 40

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The QED Performance Audio 40 shares an almost identical construction and geometry with the award winning Reference and Signature Audio 40 analogue interconnects.

Performance Audio 40 represents a cost effective alternative to its higher end counterparts, omitting only the most expensive components.

Complementary Conductor™ Technology Improves timing and detail, retaining the rhythm of the original piece.

Unlike conventional analogue interconnects, Performance Audio 40 utilises two 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal.

This has the effect of providing an alternative path for high frequency audio components which might otherwise become time smeared in a single audio pathway.

Floating internal Ferrite jacket Special floating Zn/Mn Ferrite jacket is used within the Audio 40 cordage to absorb very high frequency noise components outside of the audible band that have an adverse effect on the micro-timing of the audio signal.

With cables, our goal is to replicate as closely as possible the input signal at the cable output.

Timing errors mean frequencies have been disrupted and the signal sent by your source equipment has not been accurately replicated.

When measured at very high frequencies, Audio 40 cables do exhibit cleaner signal transmission than ordinary audio interconnects.

Anamate™ RCA Plugs

The QED Anamate™ plug is a variation of the innovative QED Analoc™ RCA plug found in Reference and Signature Audio 40.

A hollow oxygen free copper central pin is used to improve high frequency detail in the same way as our X-Tube™ speaker cables.

To reduce swirling ‘eddy currents’ (that would otherwise oppose signal flow) a unique low mass plug design using two small, high purity copper ground leaves is used.

Like putting wooden wheels on a Ferrari, conventional RCA phono plugs have the potential to undo all of the hard work carried out by our carefully designed cordage.

With Anamate™ and Analoc™ RCA plugs, the fidelity of the audio signal is maintained form start to finish.

Just listen

Performance Audio 40 represents phenomenal value for money.

Our extensive listening tests comparing it against competitor products at much higher price points have astonished us!

We urge you to compare it not only to your favourite cable but also alternative brands and models at any price!

"That soundstage is wide-open vertically as much as it is horizontally. It helps vocals sound full-bodied and weighty, but with lots of breathing space above them, too; essentially it is more natural sounding." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision February 2016

Features: QED Performance Audio 40

99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors with foamed PE dielectric-for sonic purity QED Complementary Conductors™ provide an alternative path for high frequency audio components.

This asymmetrical twisted pair geometry features independent dual layer creening that protects delicate signals against interference from external high voltages and currents

Twin leaf Gold-Plated QED Anamate™ RCA plugs featuring high purity copper contacts, hollow centre pin and low eddy current design

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