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Audio Analogue

1.695,00 €

the heartbeat of music

Have you ever thought of a second system that could satisfy all your listening needs despite being very practical and small? Have you ever thought of giving this system as a gift so that someone else could enjoy "fine sound"?
Or have you approached this world recently and are you looking for something different to what you have listened to until now?

Enigma was created to satisfy all these requests, but the development of the product, improved and modified by experience brought us much more than we initially expected: a high quality audiophile system in all its parts, capable of reproducing all the detail within the musical scene, and with excellent depth and weight to the sound.

Enigma is a exceptional unit, the first and unique example of multi-function high-end unit









Dimensions (Nota1) 

4,9 x 8,3 x 15,7 " 






20,5 Lbs 





Integrated Amplifier 






Vacuum Tube Preamp Stage 






THD+N (1W, 8Ohm 1KHz) 

<0,03 % (A Weighting) 





Frequency Response (Nota2) 

> 100 KHz 





Noise level (Nota5) 

-100 dB 





Output Power (Nota4) 

45W / 8Ohm p.c. 





CD Player 






CD Mechanism TEAC CD-5010A 






THD+N @ 1KHz 0dBFs (nota6) 






THD+N @ 1KHz -10dBFs (nota6) 






Dynamic range (Nota6) 

76 dB 











Signal/Noise Ratio FM 

60 dB min 





Signal/Noise Ratio AM 

40 dB min 





2 Line Inputs + Mono Out 








Nota 1   - Height x Width x Depth (H x W x D)
Nota 2   - Attenuation 0dB, -3dB Band
Nota 3   - Attenuation: 0dB A weighted reffered to 8 Ohm load nominal power
Nota 4   - 1KHz input signal, two piloted channels
Nota 5   - Band limits 0Hz-40KHz
Nota 6   - Band limits 0Hz-22KHz
Nota 7   - Maximum rms voltage output value
Nota 8   - Attenuation 0dB, -3dB band, 1Vrms output
Nota 9   - Attenuation: 0dB A weighted reffered to 200W
Nota 10 - Band limits 0Hz-48KHz
Nota 11 - Full power Bandwidth limited
Nota 12 - Joined in AC for each phase to the common
Nota 13 - For 200W @ 8Ohm
Nota 14 - Attenuation: 0dB A weighted reffered to 50W

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